#89 - Your Resume Needs More Info

Recruiters want more context...

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Hey There!

Welcome to Issue #89 of Jobseeking is Hard!

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This week we’re talking about:

  • Stupid interview questions

  • A jobseeking horror story about being a company’s backup plan

  • Why I hate 1-page resumes

  • The best (worst?) job posting of the week

And for Premium subscribers I’m:

  • Debunking a post about why your resume HAS to be a specific format when applying via ATS

  • Answering a Premium subscriber's question about getting a company's attention on LinkedIn. I'll explain the thought process behind who to target for networking and other creative ways you can get on the company's radar.

Let’s get to it!


“Why shouldn’t we hire you?"

My reply? “If I’m offered the job, why shouldn’t I accept it?”

“If you turned into a plant right now, what kind of plant would you be?”

Right now?

“In *every* interaction with another human, would you rather talk like Yoda or breathe like Darth Vader?”

Useless question this is.

Now I’m curious…

In every interaction with another human, would you rather talk like Yoda or breathe like Darth Vader?

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Want to share your stupid interview questions? Reply or email [email protected] 


Last week I asked you, “Would you rather have all of your Google searches or all your phone's photos made public?”

More than 73% of you said you’d rather your photos made public!

Some of the best responses:

“It’s clear to me that many people are boring or not telling the truth if they don’t have photos they don’t want anyone seeing lol. We live and we grow, but I have 30K pictures still on my phone from more than 10 years ago- and I don’t want to explain to anyone about the origin or idea behind at least half of those lol. Definitely choosing Google search over photos any day.”


“The actual answer to this question is, 'No.'”


"My photos don't show all the rabbit holes I went down while watching Snapped, Dateline, or Cruise Ship Killers..."


But my favorite was:

“Only my public searches, not my incognito ones. Please!!”


Reminds me of this:


I applied for a PR manager position and was promptly contacted for an interview.

The interview, which went well, lasted almost 2 hours. The interviewer started to use "we" in the conversation, like "How do we approach this challenge" instead of "How would you do this?"

At the end of the interview, I asked what the next step was in the process.

"I'll call you Monday," the HR professional said. Or Friday might be better, so we have everything sorted out. We're very happy with you and the interview."

Friday rolls around...nothing happens.

Monday...nothing happens.

I called him on Tuesday, and he said, "I have to reach out to your Head [of the department I would be joining] to finalize. I'll do it today or maybe tomorrow. Today is my wife's birthday."

He later wrote me a short note asking for more time because they have other interviews and want to look at those candidates and hope I will wait for them with my decision.

So I replied, "I'd rather not. Why would I wait while you look at other candidates? If you were happy enough, you'd give me something to sign, and since you're not, you won't give me the position once you interview the others."

Also- It wasn't his wife's birthday. His wife is on all socials, and her birthday is in September.

I'm really sorry you went through that. It's so frustrating when you're given mixed signals. You deserve a company that values your time…and doesn’t want to focus on finding people that are better (or possibly cheaper) than you.

Was it for the best? Probably. But it still sucks.

If there's a jobseeking horror story *you’d* like to share, reply or email [email protected] 


Who knows…maybe it’ll help you get a $42K bump in salary like this person 🤷‍♂️

How did I help this review bundle client receive multiple interviews within 2 weeks, including several offers?

By explaining what info they needed more of…and why.

Let me just start with this. I hate 1-page resumes. HATE. 


1-page resumes often miss out on showing the full range of a candidate's skills and experiences. While keeping things short can be good, it usually means leaving out important details that could set you apart, especially if you have a lot of experience or a diverse skill set. A single page just can't cover everything, from achievements to detailed project work.

More information on a resume helps recruiters and hiring managers see the complete picture of your qualifications. Detailed descriptions of past roles and specific accomplishments give them a clearer idea of how you can contribute to their organization. Instead of just saying "project management," actually give an example of how you managed a project…the steps taken AND the outcome. 

Provide proof of your capabilities, not just keywords or short sentences.

A detailed resume also makes interviews more productive. When recruiters fully understand your background, they can ask better questions and gauge if you're a good fit.

Not sure what info you need to expand on for the roles you’re targeting? We can help with that :)



Here’s the job post that got the most people talking on my Instagram this week!

I hope they step on a Lego

If you come across an irritating job posting, email it to the newsletter or DM me on Instagram and I’ll add it to the list to post!


What are the best ways to get a company's attention on LinkedIn?

I send invites and messages to company recruiters, introducing myself and asking if they have time to talk. What else can I do?

Check out the Premium Section below for my answer! Not a Premium Subscriber? Upgrade here: www.JobseekingIsHard.com/upgrade


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Jobseekers, have a great rest of your week, and good luck with those applications!


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