Jobseeking is Hard

Jobseeking is Hard

Join a community of jobseekers. This newsletter shares tips and answers subscriber questions, helping you navigate this difficult job market with recruiter-approved advice.


What People Are Saying

“I'm happy to share that, after a year-long search, I have finally accepted an amazing offer. The wonderful humor shared by Adam really helped keep my spirits up, and the advice and insights offered in the newsletter were invaluable as I navigated the process. I gleaned so much knowledge and was able to use it to not only successfully pivot into a new industry but also to secure a 50% increase in pay with a better benefits package than I have had in years. I literally couldn't be more excited!! Thanks, Adam Karpiak, for creating this community to bring a little levity and extra support to a pretty darn painful experience!!”

RGProduct Manager

“I love Adam Karpiak and all his humor, jokes, and especially his newsletter.”


“I've been actively applying and interviewing since the beginning of June - queue Taylor Swift's "Cruel Summer." After countless applications, over 50 interviews, maybe a dozen projects, a few ghostings, and a regular injection of hope and new ideas from your newsletter, I'm happy to report I've officially accepted the perfect role on an amazing team and will be starting there soon.

I don't remember how I found your newsletter, but I know that it came just in time. I looked forward to your advice and laughed at the outrageous interview questions (until they started happening to me). I even used Secta to help revamp my LinkedIn profile.

So, thank you. I'll be taking this weekend, and maybe next, to celebrate - and hope this note makes it to you.”

LDFormer Jobseeker

“I'm not even looking for a new job (by far, I really like where I am) and I still subscribe to your newsletter, it's that good.”

TSSr. Developer

“The newsletter is fantastic. Great advice, an opportunity to laugh, and finding out you're not the only one who's found yourself in bizarre interview situations.”


“Hey Adam! I wanted to reach out and say thank you for your newsletter and and efforts to help jobseekers. I have taken so many pieces of advice from your newsletter and applied it to my own job seeking journey. Each resume was tuned to the job posting, and my interview were performative! (Guess my high school drama class paid off ;)) I've been on the hunt for 7 months now, and as of writing this, I've accepted a position with a top workplace with a 20k pay bump!  Thanks again for all you do.”

DAIT Manager

“For those stuck in the hell of unemployment/job searching… I highly recommend this newsletter and Adam! He is a breath of fresh air and will lift and renew your spirits though the hardest days in this market! ”

AHSafety Advisor

“👏🏽 🤩Thank you Adam for your social media posts and the Jobseeking Is Hard newsletter! Your witty observations on the crazy job search process reminded me I was not the only one experiencing all the bizarre behavior: from job application nightmares, to being ghosted after a screening call, down to all the crazy questions during the interview process. Most of these I also experienced first hand. 😫 🌟😃I’m happy to say that on Monday I’ll be starting my brand-new job and your humor and insight kept me afloat when I was treading water this year! Thanks for all that you do and give to this community!”


“I am subscribed to your newsletter, which has helped me a lot to fine-tune my approach and prepare for interviews (THAT issue was pure gold). My confidence level in interviews went up, and the daily avalanche of mass rejections left less of a dent. The psychological support you and your newsletter provide is priceless. I finally landed a job that offers all I was looking for: remote work, local contract even though I live in another country, more responsibility than I ever had before, and by all looks of it, a really nice pack of future colleagues! Thanks for doing what you do. It makes a difference also here in Europe.”

HASales Leader

“Thank you for your content on Jobseeking is Hard and the resume and LinkedIn review. I believe this transition went better and faster than others thanks to your advice and suggestions. I appreciate your expertise! ❤️”

EWFormer Jobseeker

“I wanted to thank you for your work. You're a wonderful follow on social media and your newsletter is fantastic. After following a lot of the advice you shared during my last job search, I earned a director title at a prestigious company with a 40% raise, a massive jump in benefits and a commute that got reduced in half. I've been on this job for six weeks now and it's been a massive improvement in the quality of my life and my family's life. Your work isn't just tremendously entertaining - it's life-changing as well. Please keep up the incredible work. I know that if you can get it done for me, you can help so many others as well.”

JMFormer Jobseeker

“I'm a recruiter with experience in agencies and in-house for several Fortune 500 companies recruiting across North America. I always read Adam's newsletter ASAP. His advice is hands-on and objective, applies to all industries and candidates (not an easy feat), and judging by the comments, he demystifies recruitment and the hiring process for laypeople - which I greatly appreciate as a recruiter. Adam's newsletter is a must-read for me, and it should be even more so for jobseekers.”


“While I don't have much direct recruiting experience, I manage 2 brands that deal with both sides of hiring, and the advice in this newsletter is PRICELESS. The way Adam breaks down every topic and makes it easy to understand is a testament to his expertise, and you should subscribe ASAP. Plus, he's hella funny. Give your inbox a break from boring newsletters :)”

CISocial Media Manager/Ghostwriter

“I really enjoy your weekly newsletter, and it's been a lifesaver in terms of my mental health while being unemployed for the last 3 months. I've found your tips and no-nonsense answers so helpful! ”

JCProduct Manager

“I have certainly enjoyed your newsletter and passed it on to others. As a recruiter, it is extremely reassuring to see opinions, observations and recommendations that align with my own beliefs about the industry. And of course, I appreciate that it’s presented in an entertaining-but-still-professional tone. Thank you for all that you do!”

MRHRecruiting Manager

“I'm not looking for jobs now...I just read the newsletter. I laughed out loud at Google hole of parade float fails and wolverine in velvet AI [issue #32]. I like that you answer readers’ questions and talk about potential biases. It’s helpful to have the perspective of a recruiter. You can bet I’m googling parade float fails now.”


“I want to say how much I enjoy reading your newsletter every week. It's nice to have a space where we can all laugh at how absurd the hiring process can be. I also appreciate all the advice you provide.”


“Your newsletters are excellent! I’m grateful that you share your wisdom so generously. I work in alumni career services for a university and do some career coaching on the side. But my day job is in a silo where I don’t interact with many other career development folks. I work really hard to seek out career development/coaching colleagues and connect with them regularly. I don’t want to just be on an island, not learning or sharing with colleagues in similar functions. Your newsletter has been such a helpful professional development tool for me. I especially love reading the answers to your questions. It’s a way for me to almost be in conversation, to see how you answer questions and how that helps me think about similar challenges my own clients might face. Thanks for doing what you’re doing!”

PFUniversity Career Services

“I wanted to share my thanks and appreciation for your newsletter. I started a new job with a $10k yearly salary increase, full benefits, and fully remote. This would not have happened without your knowledge. Thanks again and all the best for 2024!”

LJFormer Jobseeker

“Hey friends! I have been MIA, honestly lost hope for a bit and was really struggling. I'm so happy to announce I signed an offer letter for a role I'm really excited about. And truly, Adam Karpiak's newsletter and advice within the group was instrumental in landing this role. I found my confidence again, I revamped my resume, wrote targeted cover letters when the fit seemed like a stretch, and it finally paid off.”

MTFormer Jobseeker

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